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We are professional Probate Administrators and experts in Estate Planning

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Probate & Estate Administration Ltd is proud to provide strategic estate planning & act as professional probate administrators.

We specialise in administering estates where no Will has been left, known as Intestate law.

We also administer Testate estates, where there is a Will with named beneficiaries. From our headquarters in Willerby near Hull, we operate internationally and throughout the UK.

Our Experts

We adopt a mindful approach to every case – and are proud to work in partnership with a panel of experts.


If a property needs conveyancing to be sold or there are contentious probate issues to deal with, we can recommend great-value solicitors.

Chartered Accountants

When an estate is worth £325,000 or more, we’ll help you call on the services of Chartered Accountants for advice about Inheritance Tax issues.

Probate Researchers

If you need to search for missing beneficiaries or lost family members to satisfy an estate, we’ll point you in the right direction.


We know exactly where to turn when you require a Missing Beneficiary Indemnity policy or house insurance during the administration period.


All legal documents are prepared to ensure the deceased’s finances, assets and possessions are correctly administered.


We always endeavour to show the utmost care, conscientiousness and accuracy when administering Probate and Estates.

With dignity

The final wishes of the deceased are always our number one priority – even if complex questions or issues arise.

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